​​German Shepherds

It's hard knowing what to do when you're about to adopt. We make this process easy, because we have 25 years of experience placing our fabulous puppies in loving homes. We will go over every possible question or concern you and your family might have.  We want you to have confidence in the quality and time we put into every puppy. Knowledge and love for the breed produces superior puppies! 

Dog Training  

Years of training and dog psychology goes into every training session so you can have the dog you have dreamed of! If you get a wonderful German Shepherd from us or you have any other breed we are here for your training needs. From basic training and off lead training to help with behavioral problems such as: overly excited dogs, overly shy dogs, dog aggressive, people aggressive, even food aggressive, jumps up or nips... no problem too difficult.


Our Parents

We know you've always wanted a German Shepherd. We are here to help you get ready for your new family member. Our puppies are all socialized from birth and exposed to various sounds and stimulation so that they have the confidence to adapt to any home. We will answer all your questions and help you pick the perfect one especially for you so your dream can come true!

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