​​German Shepherds

This is Voll's dad Maxum

Voll is UKC registered born 1.2.2013 from the famous Rin-Tin-Tin bloodlines on his moms side. on his dads side are strong German working lines with SchH 1,2 + 3 titles throughout! Voll and both of his parents are OFA + OFE certified along with many in the pedigree. from structural integrity to proven train-ability Voll has it all! On top of all of this his long golden tan and bold black coat commended with his copper eyes he is undeniably HANDSOME!

This is Rinnie, she is Voll's mother. Her full sister is Feather (picture below).

Shaman is Lilith's Father and one of our original studs. Below is Savana, she is the mother of Lilith

This is Lilith, Rinnie and Feathers mom and from the Rin-Tin-Tin line. 

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