​​German Shepherds

I had the great opportunity to work with Shell.  I called one early afternoon with an emergency.  I had found a stray dog and my dog was being extremely aggressive towards him.  I found Shell's number and gave her a call.  Given the situation, she found a way to meet with me that afternoon.  She came over and my dog got aggressive with the stray and she immediately addressed the situation with my dog.  Over the course of the session, she taught me how to deal with his aggressive behavior, taught the stray how to walk on a leash, taught my dog how to walk on the treadmill, taught me how to keep my dog's attention while walking him, and told me the characteristics for great food and treats.  Using the skills she taught me, the dogs were playing well within two days.  There was still some possessive aggression with my dog, but it was  90% better.  By the end of the second day, I could walk them together.  In fact, the stray walked better then my dog and was a good example.  Shell came back on Monday to follow up.  By then, I found a good home for the stray (my dog and I were both sad to see him go!).  We worked more on walking skills, in home behaviors, and the like.  After two sessions, I had the skills I needed.  It hasn't always been easy, but I have had significant progress with my dog.  I also am better able to handle his aggression when I see it.
If you need a trainer, this is the way to go.  I was extremely impressed by Shell's knowledge, passion, and ability to teach!
Thanks again, Shell!
Catherine and Ze

My husband and I had the opportunity to have Shell come out to help us with our GS Nittany; who is a pup from Adanti’ and Kasha.  She turned 1 in February, and is a very high strung puppy.  Shell was a huge help with our feeding and “walking” issues we had, also with the high energy she showed toward our older lab and Chihuahua; loves to pick at them, although, I think it’s more that she wants them to play with her and she doesn’t realize how big she is.
We really enjoy walking with her now, it’s not a stressful time as it used to be and she is very proud and loves to be walked.  We are still having to work with the way she is with the other two dogs, but I’m confident we will get there with the tools given.
I was incredibly impressed with Shell’s knowledge in training, feeding, behaviors, and just the overall information she has, she had the answers to all of our questions!

My husband and I were having some trouble with our young GSD trying to socialize him with dogs and people. So i contacted Shell she responded to me that day, and we set up a appointment for the following day. She had so much wonderful information and showed us basic obedience which is gonna help out tremendously on walks, they are going to be so much more enjoyable not only for us but for our dog. We went to the dog park for socializing and with in 30min. our dog was starting to relax around dogs and people and not so aggressive towards them. she helped us so much she shared so much knowledge with us and is willing to answer any questions if we had any, she didn't have to think about the answer or anything she knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend her to any one who just wants a more responsive dog or a dog like ours who needed a little extra work on his social skills!Thank you so much!!!!
Kerri & Jerad

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