Above is Batmans dad and below is Batmans mom. 

This is Philamina's mom Cheyenne.


Philomema , is Shell's (Out Of The Shell Dog Training) Demo dog for everything. She is CGC titled, certified therapy dog, DM tested, OFA and OFE certified; she does Rally, Barn Hunt, starting Search and Rescue, she is just an all around perfect dog to train for anything, as we have not found anything she can't do. When she isn't working she likes horse back rides, hanging out with friends and long walks/jogs along the beach or anywhere that Shell wants to go. Philomena's not average in anyway. She is perfect in the "standard" for GSD structurally, intelligence far beyond average, and she is a regal beauty; this has followed through to all of her puppies! She has very small litters so each puppy receives one on one attention from their mom so, even in maternal care and training they are EXCEPTIONAL!Type your paragraph here.

Batman Is Philamina's mom

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