​​German Shepherds

Mocateah, a half sister to Zion, is from Barak Detrixhe Von Taos Spirit who has a very impressive 6 titles. Barak, was a demo dog that traveled extensively impressing the crowds until a wealthy middle eastern man made a offer that couldn't me refused; $50,000 exchanged hands and Barak went overseas. Her mother is Cheyenne from fantastic import German show-lines that have not carried the deeply slopped lines but has retained the top line intended, and is OFA and OFE certified. Cheyenne's amazing show-lines combined with Barak's exceptional working lines' combine to make a superior German Shepherd -Mocateah is stunning in looks and pedigree. Mochatea, was hit by a car which shattered her leg and hip requiring major surgery to put it together. we are blessed to have such an experienced vet! She shows no visible signs of the injury, retaining wonderful solid structure and a fluid gait. Due to this injury she cannot be OFA certified but with dad being excellent and mom good we have all confidence in her genetic, structural integrity. Mocateah, is incredibly intelligent, full of fun and energy but still great with children and pleasant to work with. 

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